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Stop Worrying: Overcoming the Fear of Seeking Organizational Help

Updated: Nov 4

Asking for help to organize your home can elevate a number of unwanted feelings and emotions that can leave you turning a blind eye to your clutter and chaos. You are surrounded by clutter, dumbfounded on how you even got here in the first place. You become frustrated, overwhelmed and eventually too embarrassed to even think about facing the problem, let alone asking someone to come in and help you. Facing these fears is normal and I promise you, you are not alone. Knowing this should empower you to begin unpacking and addressing the underlying concerns, setting aside any pride, and recognizing the power of a helping hand. We are going to look at some common reasons we are afraid to ask for help organizing our home and the simple ways to overcome them. Did you catch that?!? I said "we", and "our". That's right, I've been in your shoes, have battled all of these excuses. That is why I became an organizational specialist in the first place. My own journey has become my mission to help others just like me, just like you.

Fear of Judgement

It is only natural for us to worry that others might judge us for our messy or disorganized home. Cue in . . . highlight reels of Instagram. Who likes to openly share with others that they have clutter, or don't have things under control? For as long as I can remember, "keeping up with the Jones" has been an impossible feat. Chances are, there are more people than not who hide their clutter too because they have the same fear.

Letting go of overwhelm and getting your home organized

How to Overcome: Remember that everyone faces clutter and disorganization at times. Real friends and family will understand and be supportive without judgment. Organizational professionals offer a helping hand because they understand the bondage that clutter brings. Let's focus on your goal of creating a more organized and comfortable space. Your friends and family will want to follow in your footsteps once they see how your organized spaces bring joy and peace into your home.

Feeling Overwhelmed

It can be an overwhelming and daunting task to get your home organized, leading to a sense of helplessness. Overwhelm is not simply having too much stuff, it is not knowing where to begin. This leads to decision-making fatigue and confusion, urging us to turn away and run!

A complete guide to get you organized

How to Overcome: Break tasks down into smaller, more manageable steps. Start with one room or even one corner. Seeking help from friends, family, or a professional organizer can make the process seem less daunting. Having a plan is key. Recruit help, schedule uninterrupted time, imagine your end goal . . . these preparations will make overwhelm disappear. Need a plan for a specific area, or for your whole house? I've got just what you need right here! A Complete Guide to Get You Organized is a comprehensive set of steps from start to finish that will help you get your spaces and your schedule back on track! I also offer virtual and in-person services for added support.

Fear of Dependency

Sometimes we fear that we will have to depend on others to help us keep our spaces maintained in an organized fashion. Well let me ask you a question. . . why is that such a bad idea?

girls organizing and donating items in her home

How to Overcome: Asking for help doesn’t mean you're dependent, it means that you understand your limitations and your level of responsibility to care for your space. Especially if you have others living with you, it is 100% okay to ask and expect help from them. It’s also okay to seek outside assistance when needed. Learning organizational skills from others can empower you to maintain your space independently. As an organizing specialist, my job is never to come in, organize and then leave. My job is to teach, equip and empower you to adopt the mindset and the habits necessary to maintain a clear and organized space. I offer hands-on learning and continued support after a particular project is complete.


Do you worry that others won't organize things the way you like or want? Is it difficult for you to welcome advice, or allow someone else to steer the ship? While I encourage you to play a part in your organization, I would also encourage you to be careful in thinking that your way is the only perfect way. It's time to become flexible and willing to explore new ideas.

women consulting about organizational plan

How to Overcome: When you bring in help, clearly communicate your preferences and expectations. Be open to suggestions, but also assertive about what works best for you. Collaboration can lead to innovative and personalized solutions. This is your space and you have to live and function in it. Organizational specialists are not here to push their agenda, but they come offering tools and systems that have flexibility to fit into your capacity, your regime, and your comfort level. Team work makes the dream work!


If you are struggling to get organized on your own but you are uncomfortable allowing others to see your space in disarray, then ease into becoming more vulnerable. An unwillingness to get vulnerable is truly a pride issue, and pride discourages growth. When we are vulnerable we foster an environment of teachability and then transformation.

woman frustrated with the mess in her closet

How to Overcome: Being embarrassed to let others in is a human response because, like I mentioned before, culture has us accustomed to filters and highlight reels, only showing your best self. Remember that people you trust won’t judge you based on the state of your home or the other 99 pictures out of 100 you chose not to post on social media. Vulnerability is a part of the human experience. Embracing it can lead to deeper connections and more meaningful relationships, and it can provide you a sense of freedom and room to grow as an individual. Vulnerability encourages a life of learning. Never stop wanting to learn.

Financial Concerns

"I don't have the money for the best organizing solutions." "Hiring a professional organizer might be too expensive." You don't have to have money to get organized.

image on computer for

How to Overcome: You are here reading my blog. My site is full of free downloadable tips and tricks, and affordable plans and services that can fit any budget. I offer free consults, and both virtual and in-person support. Do not let money come between you and getting your life back. If finances allow, investing in professional help can save time, money and stress in the long run. Visit at any time and get started in the way that works for you! The key. . . just get started!

Lack of Time

Feeling too busy to ask for help or to organize your home on your own? We make time for the things that we value, so let me ask you, "is making room for the things that matter important to you?" If you answered, yes, then we will find the time.

it is important to find the time to get organized

How to Overcome: A consult with an organizing specialist will help you prioritize your tasks. It will help you recognize the importance of an organized living space for your well-being, teach you how to allocate even a small amount of time each day or week to work on organizing. Seeking help can actually save you time in the long run. Do not look at organization as a weekend project. Organization is a lifestyle. If you don't determine how your time is spent, someone/something else will.

Fear of Change

Change can be hard, even when the end result is positive. We fear change because we must face the unknown. Our clutter can sometimes provide comfort, in a weird kind of way, because it is familiar. But familiar is not always better. Apprehension about the changes an organized home might bring can seem scary. Letting go is not always easy, especially if you've had a negative experience seeking help.

preparing your mind to get decluttered and organized

How to Overcome: Embrace change as a positive opportunity for growth. An organized home can improve your mental and physical well-being. Focus on the benefits and the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel once the task is complete. Download these 5 Steps to Help Prepare Your Mind to Declutter. Change means we are moving, we were not meant to be stagnant and set in our ways. Also, do not base any new experiences on the outcome of a negative past experience. Understand that every situation is different. Learn from past experiences and be open to trying new approaches. Consult with an organizing specialist, ask questions, share concerns. I offer a free consult to all new clients...there is nothing to lose! Visit, and let's chat!


Doubting your ability to maintain an organized space is a mindset that we need to squash right here, right now. Remember the 4 little words you read at the very beginning? You are not alone. Trying to do something, unfamiliar, all by yourself can increase self-doubt if the end result is less than what you expected.

organizing clothes in drawers

How to Overcome: We've all been where you are right now. My motivation to step into what I do came from having felt everything you are feeling right now, even the self-doubt. I can get stuck in a feeling of failure if one thing doesn't go the way I imagined. Sometimes I can still fall into some not-so-great habits when I begin to doubt my process. But when I focus on my systems and am flexible to make adjustments, life truly gets freer to make room for the things, the people and the passions I hold dearly. So when you doubt the process and consider asking for help, know that is an incredible sign of strength and determination. Organizing is a skill that can be learned. Ask for guidance and educate yourself.

Overcoming any or all of these fears involves first acknowledging them, then seeking support from understanding individuals, and then finally taking small steps toward a more organized and harmonious home.

A Complete Guide to Get You Organized

You are one decision away from experiencing organizational freedom. Step out of the quick sand of fear and overwhelm and into the limitless possibilities or order, joy and peace in your home. Visit me at, grab a plan, or let's chat! With the right techniques and support, you can develop habits that will help you maintain a clutter-free environment and you'll have someone cheering you on!

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