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Back-to-School Organizing

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Don't let back-to-school sweep you up! Instead, let's walk through 5 tips that everyone (even non school-aged parents and students) can benefit from. We'll take a look at organizing your spaces and schedules so that you can MAKE ROOM for what really matters!

TIP #1 | Designate Your To-Do Days

If you are like me, I struggle with transitions...transitioning from one part of my day to the next. We have a morning schedule, day schedule, evening schedule, each day is different schedule...YIKES! We are being pulled around like rag dolls just in our day-to-day activities.

I like simplicity.

I prefer as few different categories of "doing" in my day.

So when it comes to chores, errands, school projects/papers, I would rather bang out a handful of chores or a time consuming project in a block of time than spread them across an already busy week.

TRY THIS: Observe your upcoming week and pick days or sections of the day where there is less going on, less distraction, to bang out a portion of your list of to-dos.

TIP #2 | Get a Planner

Whether it's a paper planner, a digital planner or a huge white board in your laundry room, take time at the end of the week to jot down what's going on in the upcoming week. In our house we use a grid white board with everyone's names so I know who is where each week.

TIP #3 | On the Go and Organized!

If you are out of your house a lot, pack your bags with order. Your work bag, school bag, gym bag, your car, use little zipped pouches to store like items. A pouch for...

  • Pencils, pens & highlighters

  • Toiletry/makeup/hair accessories and essentials

  • Phone/computer chargers, portable batteries, thumb drive, etc.

TIP #4 | Create a Tidy Workspace

Keeping your desk clutter free is essential for productivity. Having a dedicate space that isn't in your bed, on the floor, on the couch keeps you on task so that when you are ready to relax your comfy spaces are all the more inviting. Need a little direction on how to make a clutter-free dedicated space? Click the button below for a detailed step-by-step to an organized office/work space.

TIP #5 | Create an Evening Routine

Our days are crazy but we should end our day preparing for tomorrow. At least 1 hour before bed try to unhook from electronics, read a book, spend quality time with the kids or your partner, take a stroll around the block, pack your lunch and bag for tomorrow, set out your outfit, or write tomorrow's to-do list. Set your morning up right, by ending your day chaos free.


  • Don't overpack or overcommit your schedule

  • Learn to say "no" to the unnecessary things

  • Give yourself grace to sit, breathe, laugh and make eye-contact with your family

  • Make room for those spontaneous moments of joy that chaotic schedules can squash

  • Take time to organize your spaces

Need help with any of these tips?

I'm here to help! Contact me here and let's chat!

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