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Ready to Welcome

Updated: Aug 2

Welcoming Guests AND Peace into the Holiday Season

The holidays are busy and can bring a lot of people anxiety and chaos. What if I told you that with a little planning and simple action steps that you can reduce the stress that wants to creep in, and also welcome PEACE into the holiday season. As you prepare for guests into your home, step confidently into this season knowing that stress does not need to come with them!

Steps You Can Take to Eliminate Stress & Welcome Peace

Prepare Your Home. Think of your home in 4 spaces. Tackle each area between now and when holiday festivities begin so that you are ready to welcome guests, and kick out stress!

Guest Spaces • Entertainment Spaces • Preparation Spaces • Retreat Spaces

The goal is not to impress others with your home, that produces unnecessary stress for you in the holiday season. The goal should be to create spaces that are inviting, comfortable and welcoming. We do that by tidying and simplifying our spaces. You want guests to feel at home and give yourself the room to be a relaxed and engaged host.

GUEST SPACES (Guest Room & Guest Bath)

  1. Purge. Go into these 2 areas and clear out unused items, expired items, and clutter that guests don't need. This isn't the time to stuff your junk into unseen spaces, but to honor these areas of your home and take the time to throw away, put away and donate the things that don't belong there.

  2. Clean. Take this month to clean bed linens, blankets, towels for your guests. If things are stained, torn or grungy, replace them. You want your guests to feel that they were planned for and thought of when they step into their space in your home.

  3. Extra Thoughts. Update these spaces with essentials so your guests are cared for. Little special touches for your guests go a long way. Here are some ideas...

  • Guest Room: extra blanket, wifi password written down, some special snacks

  • Guest Bath: extra tooth brushes & hygiene products in case they forgot something

ENTERTAINING SPACES (Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen)

  1. Purge. Again, go through these areas and clear out unused items and items that belong somewhere else in the home. Everyday life clutters these spaces, so take time to tidy up! Remember, don't hide stuff. Instead, purge or put away unwanted items in these spaces.

  2. Clean. Take this month wipe down forgotten areas (windows/shades, baseboards, under furniture). Consider freshening up furniture and area rugs.

  3. Extra Thought. Make room for holiday decorations by packing away everyday decor. TIP: Grab some bins and packing paper to store these items away for the next couple months. Reorganize furniture to prepare for your Christmas tree and extra seating, if needed.

PREPARATION SPACES (Pantry, Refrigerator, Gift Wrapping Spaces)

  1. Purge. Empty out your pantry and fridge and get rid of all expired foods. Consider donating any unwanted, unused food to a local food pantry. Donate unwanted gift wrapping items if you plan to buy new items.

  2. Clean. Wipe down shelving in pantry and fridge and make room for cooking and preparation. If you have any overflow storage for food (extra pantries & fridge, decide to use those for prep and the main fridge and pantry for guests and the day's eating.)

  3. Extra Thought. Stock up on staples (food and gift wrapping items). Also purchase inexpensive clear containers to hold small items. Containers keep these spaces in order when there are lots on hands going in and out of these spaces. Check out these 2 reels below for inspiration.

Refrigerator Organization

Pantry Organization

RETREAT SPACES (Master Bed & Bath, Master Closet)

This may not be the time for a complete overhaul of these spaces, but you want these areas to be a place to refuge and rest when you shut down for the night. Hosting can be exhausting so you want a place you can retire to and get the rest to refuel for the next day.

  1. PURGE. These are easy drop zone spaces, the place where we drop everything from our entertaining spaces to "deal with later". Take time to declutter your bedroom, bathroom and closet of things that do not belong.

  2. Clean. Again, this isn't the time to make your room perfectly organized, but after purging a bit, take time to clean forgotten areas, clean your bedding, and putting away clothes that get draped over chairs or left on your floor.

  3. Extra Thought. Buy your favorite scented candle, a new book and stock up on bathroom essentials so that when you say goodnight to your guests you can step into a prepared retreat space. YOU ARE AN AWESOME HOST and deserve to make this space a priority before the hustle and bustle of this season, so don't skip this space.

You aren't looking for perfection during the holidays, but instead for efficient and welcoming spaces! You can do it!

If you need extra help in any of these areas, I'm here to help. A plan, some guidance, full-on help and name it!

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