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Hello Interruptions...

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

When Interruptions Are Actually Disguised Invitations

Can I be honest? I do not like being interrupted. I get hyper-focused in my tasks, that even the slightest interruption can throw me into a tailspin. Some of you can totally related. Others of you might be saying, "Get a grip!" Interruptions have purpose, and are divinely designed to help us slow down.

To those that can "step into the painting" with ease:

Help others "step into the painting" with you. Help others see that interruptions are simply invitations to slow down and soak in what it happening around you in a single moment. Interruptions help us see not only what is in front of us, but more importantly WHO is in front of us.

To those that struggle with graciously embracing interruptions:

• It's OK.

• Nothing is wrong or insensitive about you.

• We can turn these tendencies around.

The reason I have such a passion for organization is that it promotes simplicity, clarity, and it makes room for what is really important in life. So for me, organization is a "medicine" for my mental and emotional health. I find that the more organized I am in my schedule, in my space, the clearer I can think and embrace interruptions, I mean invitations, from God, my husband, my kids, my friends.

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalms 90:12

To "number our days" means to know how to make each day count, to see and embrace what is most important, and to show love to those that are in our path. But when our days are filled with busyness, tasks, overpacked schedules, and cluttered homes, walking in this rhythm can be difficult.

Here are 3 steps we can take to begin making room to say "Yes" to daily invitations.

  1. Make an appointment with your calendar. Take a day or two and map out your year, months, weeks and days. Start wide-view and work your way to the minutes of your day. This will help you put the bigger scheduling rocks into place first before filling your calendar with the sand-size, fillable things that will leave no empty space for invitation.

  2. Attack clutter in little pieces. Organizing your space can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Even as a professional organizer I can get easily overwhelmed and locked into a task that is honestly, a project vs. biting off little areas consistently over a longer period of time. Resist wanting the instant highlight reel of Instagram and Pinterest worthy spaces. Desire organized spaces but at a pace that keeps you open to invitations.

  3. Keep 2 running lists. The first list is a list of things to do. There will always be a list, so learn to tackle this list 1-3 items in a day (bite-size tackling). Give yourself time to complete tasks and to be invited. The second list is a list of times throughout the week when hurry creeps in and keeps you from saying "Yes" to an invitation to slow down, soak in, tune in or give uninterrupted attention to something or someone important. It's important to be aware of hurry, so you can proactively eliminate it!

I don't know if you caught the mindset shift. Did you see it? What began as defined interruptions are now invitations. Doesn't that sound heavenly? Who doesn't like the idea of being invited? So begin today, to open your eyes and mind to the possibility of invitations. Get organized, learn to number your days, so that you can acquire a wisdom that sparks joy and desire to say "Yes" to irreplaceable and life-giving invitations!

Reach out if you need help! I'm here if you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck! Contact me today and I'll help you get started making room for what really matters!

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